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Bluehost have been very reliable for me, and provide a great range of features for the price. Major downside is no spam filtering - they have Spamassassin, but won't enable the learning features (sa-learn), so you are stuck with a spam filter that is no more use than a chocolate teapot. Otherwise great though!
Date Reviewed: 2005-08-05

I've been on BlueHost for over a year and have been very impressed with the quality of their service and customer support. They have had some unexpected downtime, but I'd say they are still 97% up. Sometimes you can't control things and they have been stellar at getting things back up. I run alot of bandwidth through these guys and they constantly deliver a quick page load and powerful features. They are WELL WORTH the $6.95/mo!!!
Date Reviewed: 2005-03-18

So I take it they fixed everything? you were jumping to conclusions?
Date Reviewed: 2004-12-19

Its my first week with Bluehost, my site has been down atleast once every day. Its been offline for over and hour today and been off and on three different times just in the past few hours. Tech support is assuring me that the problem is being fixed. Some how I doubt it. I had planned on moving several sites to this host, but not now. If its down tomarrow, im gonna bail on them.
Date Reviewed: 2004-12-09

Very inexpensive webhosting, but COMPLETELY UNRELIABLE!! My site is ALWAYS down! Bluehost is literally driving me insane; of the multitude of times my site’s been down and I’ve contacted them via e-mail about it, only one time have they responded. I cannot recommend their services.
Date Reviewed: 2004-11-03